On Friday 19th May we had the honour of AJ Pingram visiting our school. We took part in a sponsored circuit with our sportivator, Tony, guiding us through. Classes 1-6 all took part in activities such as press ups, spotty dogs, squats and mountain climbers. It was exhausting but we all tried our best and raised lots of money. After our circuit AJ Pingram shared his experiences with us and we got to ask him a range of questions such as “how did you injure yourself?”, “what made you want to carry on after you hurt your ankles?”, “What is your favourite sports?” and “how many medals have you won altogether?”  He shared his stories, which were fascinating, and even let children experiment with using his wheel chair to play some wheelchair tennis. He also shared with us his basketball skills, another one of his favourite sports and gave children the opportunity to try these skills too.


What an excellent morning we all had! Thank you AJ Pingram, Tony and Sports for Schools.