Next Splash: May Half Term 2018

Monday - Friday

28th May- 1st June

What is Splash?

Splash is an extended holiday provision provided over the half terms for children aged 5 - 13 and is open to children from all schools!


Holiday Club Splash! @SplashHolClub

19 Feb We had lots of fun trying to make our own celebration for Chinese New Year! 🇨🇳

16 Feb Splash this half term has been amazing! It has been lovely seeing you all and we wish you the best term in school! See you next half term!😊

16 Feb We’ve been very busy today with all kinds of Chinese New Year activities!

15 Feb splash has turned into the Mecca here! #SplashMecca

15 Feb More pictures playing on the woodlands🍂🍃!!

Splash Session Times and Prices

Morning Session: 8:00 – 12:30 (£6.20)
Afternoon Session: 12:30 – 5:00 (£6.20)
All Day Session: 8:00 – 5:00 (£12.40)
Splash Session: 10:00 – 3:00 (£7.20)

Important Notices

Children must bring a packed lunch.

 Splash is held at St. Sebastian's School Hall. The entrance is on the junior yard.

 Please adhere to the specified session times as we are unable to take your child if they arrive early for their session. Fees must also be paid upfront at the beginning of your child’s session.  

We would like to stress the importance of booking your child a place as without 14 bookings per day we may be unable to run the scheme therefore please return the Holiday Splash Booking Slip.

 All children must be collected by at the end of their session time or unfortunately a late charge will be issued of £1 per minute after the designated time.

Registration and Booking

To Register for Splash:

Please use the  Printable Form as the online form is being updated and will be ready for next splash.

Or to Book a Session for Splash: 

Booking Form

Please return completed forms to St Sebastian's or St Cuthbert's school office


Our Staff

Playleader: Nikki Torrington

 Playleader: Kelsea Conway 

 Playleader: Gina Chapman 

 Playworker: Daniel Robinson

 Playworker: Harry Armstrong-Child

 Playworker: Nathan Chapman

 Playworker: Elliott Owen

 Playworker: Niamh Fay

 Playworker: Heather Robinson

 Playworker: Ellie Lehman 

 Playworker: Hannah Ellis

 Playworker: Hannah Rabbette

 Playworker: Adam Fahey 

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Another amazing Splash filled with lots of different activities! There wasn't a lot of sun but this didn't stop us from having a good time. This week fell on Pancake Tuesday! So we had lots of fun mixing, frying and eating our pancakes with Miss Nikki. They were very yummy! Not only was it Pancake Day but it was also the week of the Chinese New Year, therefore we spent lots of time creating decorations and celebrating Chinese New Year with games and activities. Of course we made full use of our astro and woodland area during this time! We all had a lovely Splash!



We had lots of different activities on as ever this Splash, with lots of new children joining. We had some new equipment delivered and despite the weather we was determined to go outside most days and enjoy ourselves. Sometimes, the weather got the best of us but this didn't stop us having fun! We took a trip to the park with Miss Gina and played some amazing games as a whole group! We even had our own Splash's got talent which all children participated in! Who knew we had such talented children! Well done everyone!



Wow! What a fantastic Splash we had in this summer! Even though the weather weren't great this time we still made some amazing memories together. From spending time on the astro skipping or playing football with our play workers to having 'movie afternoons' and making cakes. The four weeks was jam packed with activities for everyone to get involved in. Can't wait to see you all next Splash! Have an amazing first term back in your new year groups! We went on trips out to the park, took the ferry to Spaceport, visited the Maritime Museum and even took a residential to Colomendy! The four weeks went very quick, hope you all had as much fun as we did.



First Day - We have arrived safe and sound. Our colomendy staff showed us to our rooms we're we made our beds and got unpacked ready for our tea and activities. All children and staff are very excited and cannot wait to go to their campfire after tea!

Well the campfire was amazing! all our children had roasted marshmellows from the Colomendy staff and sang some very funny songs! The children finished their night with some of Mrs. Hilton's famous hot chocolate! I think that is what is sending them to sleep! All children are fast asleep in bed, looking forward to their activities tomorrow! 

Second Day  - What an amazing day! All children woke up on time, stripped their beds and packed by themselves ready to go home! Looking forward to some more amazing activities! 


The sun was looking out for us this half term! We were able to use all of St. Sebastian's facilities including using the junior yard, infant yard, woodlands, astro and indoor areas like the arts centre and the school hall! Our arts and crafts activities including painting, designing and creating our own T-Shirts. We also had some sensory activities on the woodlands and science garden with Miss Kelsea, this included planting and creating fairy gardens. Miss Nikki planned hide and seek with our teddy in the woodlands and all children had a fantastic adventure trying to find him each turn. when the children found him, they got to hide him! We finished the week with some drama activities learning all about improvisation, well done everyone!


We spent the majority of our time on the woodlands this half term! We played lots of group games including time bomb, tag, hide and seek and many more. All children get involved and our older students help our younger students in teams. However, when the weather decided to turn we created an obstacle course in the hall for us to tackle. Each team had a member of staff on and a mixture of different age groups. All children supported each other and showed amazing team building skills! Also, we created some fabulous works of art over this half term! This varied from panting to making pictures using shaving foam! Not only did we create art but we baked some amazing cupcakes with both Miss Hannah's!  What a jam packed week! 



Brrrr... the cold got the better of us this splash! We spent a lot of Splash indoors partaking in some fantastic activities! Daniel, Elliot and Nathan played some brilliant games with our children including some classics like 'whats the time Mr wolf' (it never gets old!). Miss Gina and Miss Niamh showed off their dancing abilities with some of our children while joining in with some Just Dance. On her way to Splash, Miss Kelsea collected some leaves for our children to make fantastic Autumn pictures and they were absolutely amazing! The weather might have kept us in for a couple of days but it certainly didn't stop us going out on the astro to play some sports!



Another fantastic Splash this Summer! Four weeks of amazingly behaved children having lots of fun! Miss Gina planned lots of sports for us to get in the mood for the Olympics and Paralympics. This ranged from gymnastics, obstacle courses to see who can keep the balloons up the longest. We finished this fantastic week of activities with a disco! Our other weeks consisted of some more brilliant activities including more arts and crafts creating medals for the events we would partake in. We baked prizes for the winners and the spectators! We had a marvellous time! Well done Everyone!


First Day - all arrived safe and sound.  Children have had a fantastic picnic. They are now making their beds, which is a sight to see!  Our guide is Beccy, and she will be giving us a tour of the grounds.  After this we will be having our tea, then caving and a camp fire!  The sun is shining, lets hope it stays that way!  We will post another update tomorrow!

Second Day -  Unfortunately Friday has started with grey rainy skies which look set for the day.  But that wont stop the fun! All the children had a go at caving and most really enjoyed it.  The staff were fantastic at encouraging everyone to try.  After this, we had a campfire, with lots of stories, songs and jokes!  They all really joined in and had a fabulous time.  Problem solving and aerial ball are on the agenda.  It will be sad to see another successful splash end for the summer 2016.  



The sun shined on us this half term! Yay! We spent lots of time outside on the woodlands and astro playing lots of groups games including tennis and hide and seek as well as having free play to do what we would like to. We even went on a another trip to a park! We are very lucky to have such an amazing park within walking distance of St. Sebastian's. We spent the full day here and had a picnic in the park. It is amazing to see our older members helping our younger members as they always do. This stood out massively when some children decided to read in the quiet room. Our splash members are brilliant from when we go on offsite trips to rainy days in school. Looking forward to seeing you all next year!


First Day - We've arrived safe and sound.  We've all had a lovely lunch and are about to start a tour of the site.  Everybody is very excited about the activities.  Say a prayer the rain stays away! 

Second Day - Morning all, our children had a fantastic day yesterday.  They thoroughly enjoyed all the activities.  They told many jokes around the campfire!  After a hot chocolate and biscuit they all slept soundly and have just enjoyed a cooked breakfast.  We are having a brilliant time.  Once again, say a prayer the rain stays away! We are off for morning activities.  Not sure we will be able to do another update because our morning is very busy.  Ring the mobile number provided when we are on our way home for an update if you require. The children have just finished there last activities - Aero ball and caving.  They had an absolute ball despite the weather!!!! We are off to have lunch now and will be leaving at 1pm.  See you all at St Sebastian's about 2pm traffic permitting. The Kingswood Instructors keep commenting on how fantastic our children are.  They just get stuck in and have coped with some awful weather at times. We think they will all sleep well tonight!