Sport at St. Sebastian's


The school has a wonderful and well deserved reputation for all different types of sport.  For over 30 years winning different competitions has become a great habit!  Over the years the school has won local, regional and national competitions and was named as Liverpool Primary Sport Team.  We are the    Merseyside Primary Sport Team as well as the first group of Liverpool Primary Schools to be awarded the Sainsbury Gold Award - the highest of National Awards.  We hope to successfully apply for the prestigious National PE Award this year.


We have several staff with PE Education and others including myself who have taken a variety of different PE training courses to enhance the opportunities made available to our children.


There are many sports that have been offered to our children both within and outside normal curriculum times.  Some of the sports we received expert external support e.g. tennis, swimming and basketball.  Other sports over the years have been cricket, football, (boys and girls), tag-rugby, cross-country, indoor and outdoor athletics, netball, high 5's, hockey, rounders, gymnastic and dance.


In the sports above we have competed as a school locally and regionally.  We have had a number of children who have represented their City in a variety of different sports both as individuals and teams.  Some have gone onto represent their country at school international level.


The basis of this tradition is grounded in good PE curriculum which aims to give all our children transferable skills to be used in all sports they may be introduced to later.  The life skills that swimming gives are so vital that all KS2 children have lessons from Year 3 to Year 6.   With 2hrs of PE we hope that the beginning of good fitness and healthy lifestyles are established.  We hope to equip our children to take part in different sporting activities in and out of school.


We are proud that as a small school we can compete well against bigger schools.  We are delighted that children are proud to represent their school.  Every child needs to realise that it is the school that picks all teams and we cannot have parents or children deciding if and when to represent the school.  Any child who wants to represent our teams must be available to be part of any team they are asked to be part of, and remember there is no "I" in team.


Curriculum PE is so vital that we ask that PE kits are in school every day.  A timetable is published termly but maybe changed due to weather or the use of the multi-purpose hall.  If a parent fails to send their child in with a kit every day they will be contacted to bring in a kit or collect their child.


Swimming kit needs to be in as it is essential part of the PE curriculum - again if parents don't provide a kit they will be contacted to bring one in or collect their child. 


We do not have staff available to look after children who should be doing PE and certainly there is no point for them to be spectators.  Often notes are sent in excusing children from PE by parents.  Only in exceptional circumstances will this be granted and permission must be sought in advance.  If a parent feels their child is not fit to do PE then clearly they are not fit to be in school.  If a child becomes unwell in school we would not expect them to do PE but the teacher makes that decision.


In an era with so much publicity about poor health, obesity and poor fitness which means in later life people are more susceptible to serious illness with impaired quality of life - I am sure all parents/guardians do not want these increased risks for their children.  An active school goes some way to ensure the child develops good physical habits which they will hopefully carry into adulthood.