Lion King: The Musical

We were very fortunate in that we were able to secure tickets for The Lion King at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

As a Federation we decided that the tickets would be made available to those children who are currently identified on the AG&T register with 'Visual & Performing Abilities' and /or 'Musically Gifted'. However, we do also have to consider the attendance (95%) and punctuality of these children.

The 'Golden Ticket' winners were overwhelmed with excitement when informed that they would be able to attend the spectacular production. Mrs Cook (our very own talented member of staff) face painted our children, transforming them into our own 'pride' and they certainly gained the attention of other theatre goers!

Our children as always were an absolute credit to our schools and their exemplary behaviour was commented on by several members of the public, who looked on with admiration at the way our children conducted themselves.

Emotions were certainly running high as it was the first theatre visit for many of our children. They wer nothing less than WOWED! This was affirmed when one of our children burst into tears during the opening song 'The Circle of Life', sobbing "This is exquiste!" Staff and children alike had an amazing evening and on returning to school we were the envy of our peers!

Looking forward to our next theatre adventure...



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