KS1 Swimming Gala

Tuesday 2nd July 2014 @ Wavertree Aquatics Centre

Today, 16 children across Year 1 and 2 participated in Liverpool Schools KS1 Swimming Gala.

For most of our children, this was their first ever competition representing St. Sebastian's so as you can imagine, emotions were high and children were EXTREMELY excited!

Children  participated in a variety of races over 12.5m with the pool depth being 0.90m. This ensured that all children were be able to stand up comfortably in the water. The races involved running, jumping, blowing an egg flip, pushing a ball, swimming with an aid on front & back and swimming without an aid front & back.

It was evident throughout the morning that children thoroughly enjoyed the KS1 Gala, especially competing and cheering on their team-mates during events! As an extra treat, children were able to watch a demonstration of amateur swimmers who were hoping to qualify for Olympics 2016.

Well done to all our amazing athletes... You were all fantastic representatives for St. Sebastian's!


KS1 Swimming Squad

Alyssa, Maisie, Katelyn, Annie, Lily, Olivia, Sophie, Ava.

Alfie, Riley Ben, Shaun, Lewis C, Lewis S, Jake, Bradley.